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our focus

We put The power in your hands

Web-based portals allow practitioners to deliver a financing option within seconds.

Our flexibility

Highest approval rates

Our integrated variety of lending sources equip you with instant options for all economic and credit levels.

our training

expert in-person training

Our highly trained experts setup our program in-person with your office staff, and show them how to implement our solutions every step of the way. 

Patient Financing Solutions For Wellness Practices

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The Power In Your Hands With Point-Of-Sale Control

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Highest Approval Rates With Greatest Flexibility

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Expert In-Person Training For Optimal Results

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increase revenue.

Our solutions enable you to receive your price up-front, while affording your patients a low monthly payment option that does not require a down-payment.

Close the gap.

Our clients find that our solutions close the gap by at least 50% on those potential new patients they are losing because of inability to pay.

relieve collections.

By using Optimum Practice’s program, your staff will be freed from the collection process, allowing them to spend more of their time providing quality customer service and growing your practice.

our approach.

Our main focus is to help you obtain those new patients you are losing. Most of these patients want and need your care, but cannot afford your fees.

Our approach enables practitioners to integrate a low monthly payment option into their financial close, while receiving your fees up-front. This allows you and your staff to enjoy all the benefits without the responsibilities. Get in touch ›

we are different.

Unlike other procedure finance companies that only approve "A" or "B+" credit tiers, we have solutions for A, B, C, and D credit patients. 

We are unique because we provide integrated access to a variety of lenders, not just one. This allows us to tailor a program that will fit your individual practice. 

Whether you are an emerging sole practitioner, an owner of a multi-doctor practice, or somewhere in between, our solutions are customized to your needs.                                    

Our results.

With proper execution, our typical client increases their monthly revenue by 20-30% after the first three months of using our program. After six months, our clients average an increase of 30-40% in monthly revenue.

optimum practice | practitioner payouts
mainstream practitioner payouts
optimum practice | Patient Approval rates
mainstream approval rates

more features:

  • 60 second approval process

  • Real-time tracking and reports

  • Syncronization for multiple locations


A simple web-based financing platform enables you to approve your patients in 60 seconds or less, without affecting their credit.


Monitor every transaction in real-time from approval to funding. Daily, weekly, and monthly stat reports keep your team on the same page.


Whether you have one location or several, your practice's point-of-sale financing portal is integrated, cloud-based, and synchronized.

hedge fund

Our patient approval ratings are higher than mainstream options because we use a hedge fund rather than a bank to finance the patient. Banks are very risk adverse right now, whereas hedge funds are more willing to take greater risks.


Though traditional banks are currently quite conservative, we still use a bank to originate the loans financed by the hedge fund. This ensures the highest levels of compliance and security, both for practitioners and patients.

financing platform

We use a powerful point-of-sale financing platform to host our portfolio. This provides our practitioners the ease and security of a multi-million dollar platform, while affording the exclusivity of higher payouts and approvals within our white-label portfolio.


To manage the immense task of servicing and collecting monthly payments from financed patients, we use a collection company that has been in business for over 30 years, and known for their amazing customer service.


In order for wellness practitioners to offer their patients financing solutions, you need to have your services bundled into packages. During our in-person training and setup, we will help you craft the optimal package of services, as well as the duration and fee for your wellness program(s). Bundling increases revenue, and ensures better patient outcomes.


A point-of-sale financing option for your wellness patients is useless unless you properly present financing to your patients at the right time, in the right way. We train you and your team how to effectively present the financing option for your wellness programs, as well as how to overcome any potential resistance your new patients may have.


For most practitioners, the financial close is the most dreaded aspect of your new patient consultations. Practitioners have immense clinical education and training, but the art of the sale is something rarely, if ever, covered in a medical curriculum. We give you additional structure and confidence for your financial close that will alleviate the fear.


A powerful, customized, web-based, point-of-sale financing portal will be created specifically for your practice. During our on-site training and setup, we  ensure you and your team understand and master every aspect and capability of your financing platform, both intellectually and functionally--from approving patients through finalizing the sale.


Having a powerful and flexible financing option for your patients is great, but it does no good if you do not have new patients coming to you. We help you and your team focus on the lead generation sources that are most productive for wellness providers, as well as give structure to your lead-flow process--from initial inquiry, to consultation, to the close.


Most wellness practices are similar to start-ups, and having the proper business plan in place is essential to your sustainability. During our on-site training and setup, we tailor a benchmark sequence that will help you and your team set achievable goals, effectively allocate your marketing budget, and define your organizational structure.

An integrative approach

Just as wellness and functional medicine practitioners use an integrative approach for treating their patients, we use the same holistic approach for helping our clients achieve optimal financial health.  

optimal financial health

Having a flexible, powerful, point-of-sale financing solution for your patients will make your financial close easier and more successful. However, financing by itself is merely a tool, and requires additional pillars of supporting structure to receive its benefits.

the 6 pillars

The 6 pillars that comprise our practitioner training are: bundling services, lead flow, the financial close, presenting financing, point-of-sale-platform mastery, and business planning, Unless these pillars are functioning correctly and aligned, financing cannot help.

root cause diagnostics

These 6 pillars are your most vital diagnostic tools for assessing your practice's financial health. Tracking your statistics for every individual pillar will allow you to know what areas of your business need improvement when you evaluate your weekly/monthly revenue.

frequently asked questions

On average, what percentage of patients are approved for financing?

Unlike most patient-procedure finance companies, we have financing solutions for both prime and sub-prime credit levels, giving you an option for almost every economic demographic. Our approval range accepts credit scores as low as 570, giving you much more flexibility.

How long does it take until I can begin offering patients financing options?

After setting up our program with your office and training your staff, it takes 5-10 business days (or less) to be fully synchronized and operational.

How much of my treatment price will I receive up-front from Optimum Practice’s financing sources?

Most payouts are 100% of your treatment price.

What happens if the patient stops paying the lender?

There is no recourse responsibility to the practitioner if the patients stop paying the lender.